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Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School is committed to nurturing each child’s faith, education, and social development through Christ.



Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School is accredited by the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. With this accreditation and validation, Holy Souls School sets itself apart as an institution dedicated to providing its students with the best possible learning environment.


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School. In choosing Holy Souls, you have demonstrated a commitment to the values and philosophy of a Catholic education.

The Parent/Student Handbook reflects the policies of Holy Souls School for the 2020-2021 school year. The handbook is not all-inclusive and serves as a guideline for school policy. 

The faculty and staff look forward to working with you to promote academic excellence and spiritual development in the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Together let us pray that God, who has begun this good work in us, may carry it through to completion.

God Bless You,


Nancy Handloser                                                 Amber Bagby
Principal                                                                 Assistant Principal



The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Little Rock admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Little Rock do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

While the school does not discriminate against students with special needs, a full range of services may not be available to them. Decisions concerning the admission and continued enrollment of a student in the school are based upon the student’s emotional, academic, and physical abilities, and the resources available to the school in meeting the student’s needs.

Admission Guidelines

First Priority - Catholic families in Holy Souls parish, especially those who already have children attending the school.

Second Priority - Catholic families from other Catholic parishes.

Third Priority - Non-Catholic families.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration in the event there are more In-Parish children than spaces available.

  • Families who consistently attend Mass (as indicated by the regular use of Church envelopes)
  • Active participation in parish and school activities
  • Siblings already enrolled in Holy Souls School
  • Number of years family has been enrolled in the parish

Baptismal, Birth Certificates & Vaccinations

A Baptismal Certificate and a Birth Certificate must be presented at the time of registration. The Arkansas Department of Health requires that a child receives by school age, 5 doses of DTaP, 4 doses of Oral or Inactivated Polio, 3 or 4 doses of HIB, 3 doses of Hepatitis B, 2 doses of Measles/Mumps/Rubella, and 1 dose of Varicella vaccine. A vaccination record must be presented at time of admission. If a vaccination record is not presented, the school will use the Arkansas Immunization Information System, named WebIZ, to obtain vaccination record. Holy Souls follows all requirements from the Arkansas Department of Health. Any change in requirements is immediately enforced.

Age Requirement: Pre-K (4 Yr) & Kindergarten

In compliance with diocesan regulations: No child shall be admitted into kindergarten unless he/she has attained the age of five years on or before September 1st of such school year. No child shall be admitted to the four-year-old program unless he/she has attained the age of four years on or before September 1st of such school year.

Teacher Request & Classroom Request

Due to the professional qualifications of all teachers at Holy Souls School, parental request for a specific teacher will not be granted. If the parent feels the need to discuss special learning differences of his or her child prior to the class placement, the need must be put in writing and an appointment made with the principal to discuss an educational plan for the upcoming year. The letter must be completed before the end of the school year.

Withdrawal from School

When a family is moving or withdrawing from school for any reason, the parents must submit a letter to the principal stating the reason for leaving and the planned date of departure. The same procedure should be used if the family is not returning for the next school year. All fees will be refunded prior to the start of the school year if your family is moving out of the area. For families that move during the school year, a $300 withdrawal fee will be assessed

Parental Rights: Non-Custodial Parents

Non-Custodial Parents are not to use the school as a meeting place to visit with their child/children. In the case of divorce, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the office with a copy of the divorce decree that includes the court order stating custody and visitation rights. The principal will allow a non-custodial parent to take a child from school only as specified by the court order unless other arrangements have been authorized by the custodial parent. If the court order is not on file in the office, it will be assumed that both parents have equal rights. Upon request, a copy of the child's report card will be provided to the non-custodial parent.


Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be held in January 2021. A registration fee of $150.00 per family and $25.00 per child (maximum $225.00) is paid at this time. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Financial Obligations

Students of families who fail to meet financial obligations may be required to leave the school. Transcripts will not be forwarded to another school until all payments are made.


Tuition may be paid annually or monthly through FACTS tuition management. Visit the school website ( to sign up for a FACTS account.

Facility Fee

All new families enrolling in Holy Souls School will pay a one-time Facility and Resource Fee of $1,000 per family.



There is no difference in tuition for attending PreK if the family is Catholic or non-Catholic.

The four-year-old tuition of $550.90 per month includes one snack per day. If you already have a child enrolled in school, your tuition will be $550.90 per month plus the tuition for your other child/children.

In-Parish Families (Grades K-8)

Families who are not only registered members of Holy Souls Church but who also have a record of regularly attending mass and supporting Holy Souls Church by the use of church envelopes. Also included in in-parish, are those who are members of other Catholic churches not currently associated with a Catholic school. Those included here must obtain written confirmation from their pastor that they are active members who financially support their church.

In-Parish Families (K-8) families that have shown active membership through the use of envelopes.

  • PRE-KINDERGARTEN - $550.90/mo for 10 mos. =$5,509 Annual
  • ONE CHILD - $475.80/mo for 10 mos. = $4,758 Annual
  • TWO CHILDREN - $821.30/mo for 10 mos. = $8,213Annual
  • THREE CHILDREN  -$1,107.90/mo for 10 mos. = $11,079 Annual
  • FOUR CHILDREN - $1,251.10/mo for 10 mos. = $12,511 Annual

Out of Parish - Catholic families who are not registered members of Holy Souls Church, as well as members of Holy Souls Church for whom there is no record of regular mass attendance and support of Holy Souls Church by the use of Church envelopes.

Out of Parish families (PK-8) are required a one-time contribution of $750.00 to Holy Souls Church Building Fund is required.

  • FIRST CHILD - $704.70/mo for 10 mos. = $7,047 Annual
  • EACH ADDITIONAL CHILD - $630.70/mo for 10 mos. = $6,307 Annual

Non-Catholics - Families who are not members of the Catholic faith.

NON-CATHOLIC (PK-8) are required a one-time contribution of $1,100.00 to Holy Souls Church Building Fund is required.

  • FIRST CHILD - $816.8/mo for 10 mos = $8,168 Annual
  • EACH ADDITIONAL CHILD - $736.50/mo for 10 mos = $7,365 Annual

Holy Souls Church Fees

Prior to registration, a family must be practicing Catholics registered in Holy Souls Parish and have shown active membership through the use of envelopes. For out-of-parish students, there is a one-time contribution requirement of $750.00 per family to the Holy Souls Church Building Fund.

For non-Catholic students, there is a one-time contribution of $1,100 per family to the Holy Souls Church Building Fund. All of these fees are made payable to Holy Souls Church. For those students who enroll for the seventh grade or eighth grade, there is a one- time fee of $500.00 per family to the Holy Souls Church Building Fund.

Non-Refundable Fees

All pre-registration and enrollment fees due at the time of acceptance are non-refundable if your decision is to attend another school in the area.  All fees will be refunded prior to the start of the school year if your family is moving out of the area. For families that move during the school year, a $300 withdrawal fee will be assessed.

Book Rental

Hardback textbooks are issued on a rental basis and must be checked in at the end of the school term or before withdrawal. Any student who loses or damages a book shall replace the book at full cost.

Book & Additional Fees

Rental books, consumable books, and classroom materials will be included in the overall tuition payment for the following school year. Book bills and fees for 2019-2020 total of $200.00 per child. Book fees to be paid for the 2021-2022 school year have not yet been determined.

Lunch and Milk

  • Lunch and Milk         $3.75
  • Milk or Water            $.50

Athletic Fees (GRADES 5-8)

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, Cross Country, Archery and Track fees are $45.00 per sport.

  • Rental of basketball, volleyball, track and field uniforms, and football jerseys are included in the fees.
  • Volleyball knee- pads, football pads, pants, and helmets must be individually purchased.
  • Golf fees are paid directly to First Tee of Arkansas.
  • Cheerleading Uniforms have the following additional fees:
    • uniform rental- $30, purchase of shoes, socks, bloomers-$75
    • sweatshirt-$50.00 (optional)

Any sport played that is not paid for by the deadline for that sport will have a $20.00 late fee charged to their account.

Extended Care Program Fees

Registration Fee




After School Care is $10 per student, Daily Rate 


Summer & Holiday fees for Care are as follows;

Daily Rate $40 per student


Weekly Rate $140 per HS student 
$150 per non-HS Student 

Summer Activity Fees and rates for 2020 have not been set.





The Holy Souls Church Scholarship and Tuition Aid program is designed to enable active parishioners with Catholic children to send their children to Holy Souls School, even though the parents may be unable to pay full tuition rates at the time. FACTS will administer the Church's tuition assistance program. FACTS will provide a high degree of objectivity, professionalism, and confidentiality. When applying for financial aid, each family is required to complete a formal application and to send the application, any supporting documentation, and a $30.00 application fee directly to FACTS. Application for financial assistance may be found on the school’s website ( under the Tuition and Fees link. The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2021. All applicants will receive written responses by June 15, 2021. Families receiving scholarship monies will be responsible for all school fees including books, pre-registration, athletics, PTO, school activity fees, cafeteria, and Extended Care.


Collection Procedures

A systematic procedure has been established for collecting tuition and incidental receivables.  The responsible party (defined as a student's family, guardian or custodial parent) must pay any past due debts and obligations incurred in prior academic terms before being permitted to re-enroll. Additionally, all known debts and obligations incurred during the current term must be paid prior to a student being allowed to complete re-enrollment for any future terms. In addition, no grade reports, certificates of credit, diplomas or transcripts will be issued for any student with any unpaid or delinquent debt or obligation owed to Holy Souls.

Billing Procedures

Registration fees are collected immediately when incurred during the enrollment process. For receivables other than registration fees, collection efforts should begin no later than thirty days after the obligation has been incurred.

Delinquent Accounts

For all accounts receivable, a minimum of three (3) billings or letters of contact shall be sent by Holy Souls at thirty (30) day intervals once an account becomes delinquent (defined as thirty (30) days or more past due.) The second letter or billing for delinquent amounts will require a meeting with Business office personnel within ten (10) days to determine the appropriate course of action for repayment. If the parties involved do not agree to this meeting, then a "Termination of Attendance" letter requesting payment within a period not to exceed ten (10) days will be sent by certified mail. A "Termination of Attendance" form will be initiated immediately by the Business Office if payment is not made in response to the final request. This will result in the termination of the student's enrollment.



Daily Scheduled Classes

Excluding recess, lunch, and religion, daily scheduled classes are in session for 5 hours and 30 minutes each day. Students in grades PreK-8 attend Holy Mass or prayer services at least once a week.

School Hours

For the 2020-2021 school year, the official school-day begins at 8:00 a.m. and continues through 2:45 p.m. (2:30 for PreK & K). The school doors will open at 7:30 a.m. For the SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD, we strongly urge you to plan your arrival to coincide with opening time. All students will leave the grounds promptly after dismissal and go directly home. Students awaiting parents are NOT to use the playground equipment but are to wait in the areas designated by the school or use the after school Extended Care service. Students not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will be sent to Extended Care and the parent will be charged the daily rate of $10.00 per child.

Arrival Time

All students are to go directly to their classrooms upon arrival. 

Wireless Telephone Use (27-51-1609)

Restrictions in school zones – (a) Except as provided under subsection (b) of this section, a driver of a motor vehicle shall not use a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle when passing a school building or school zone during school hours when children are present and outside the building. (b)A driver of a motor vehicle who is passing a school building or school zone during school hours when children are present and outside the building may use a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle for an emergency purpose (Effective October 1, 2011).

Please do not use handheld cell phones in our school carpool lines during drop-off and dismissal. Help keep our children safe.

Early Dismissal

School will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. for in-service and faculty meetings on the first Friday of each month. Pre-K and Kindergarten will dismiss at 1:15 on these days. 



Reporting an Absence

If a child is absent, please call the school office or send a note to the office via a brother or sister. When calling to report the absence, you may also request homework to be left in the office or sent home with a brother/sister or friend.  The work may not be picked up in the office until after 2:30. Upon returning to school, the child is required to bring a note to the classroom teacher stating the reason for his/her absence.

Twenty-Five Days of Absence

Students are expected to be in attendance at all times when school is in session unless illness or an emergency prevents attendance. Generally, a student who has accumulated 25 days of absence during the school year may be required to repeat the grade or to attend summer school. Proof of attendance at summer school must be presented to the principal by August 1, 2021.


Tardiness interferes with a child's progress in school and creates a disturbance for all members of the class. A child is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the 8:00 a.m. bell rings. In the case of chronic tardiness, a tardy student, with their parent, must sign in at the office to receive a pass before going to the classroom. Students with ten tardy slips in one nine-week period will be given a form to be signed and returned stating that an unexcused absence has been incurred.


Planned Reason

When requesting a student to be dismissed from school for any planned reason, parents are to submit a WRITTEN REQUEST IN ADVANCE to the school office. For the SAFETY OF THE CHILD, the parent or another authorized person must come to the office to meet the child. Students will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than the parent unless permission from the parent has been provided. Students may not be called out of class until the parent is present in the school office.

Vacation and Trips

When parents take children out of school for vacations or trips, the PRINCIPAL AND THE TEACHER must be notified in writing IN ADVANCE. Parents assume responsibility for the education of the child/children during the time they are absent from school. TEACHERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WRITE OUT LESSONS IN ADVANCE OR TO MAKE-UP TESTS WHEN THE CHILD RETURNS.

Leaving School Premises

No student may leave the school premises during school hours or absent themselves from school-sponsored functions and events without the express permission of the principal. A student who violates this rule will be subject to disciplinary action at the principal's discretion.

Class Activities Outside of School

Any class meeting or activity outside of school-time is to have the approval of the principal.


Decision of the Catholic Schools Office

When bad weather necessitates the closing of school, Holy Souls School will abide by the decision made by the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock, which will be announced by the media and through the Holy Souls notification system.

Threatening Weather

If the schools remain open and the weather is threatening, each family will have to decide whether to send their children to school.

Early Dismissal

If school is in session and the weather conditions deteriorate, listen for news of early dismissal. Make sure you have made arrangements to get your child home safely. NO CHILD MAY LEAVE THE CLASSROOM WITHOUT BEING CHECKED OUT THROUGH THE SCHOOL OFFICE.


Subjects              Description


Creed, Sacraments, Scripture, Commandments, Prayer

Language Arts

Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Vocabulary, Phonics, Literature, Creative Writing


General Math, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra


General Science, Earth/Physical Science, Life Science

Social Studies

History, Geography, Economics, AR History, Current Events


Appreciation, History, Instrumental, Vocal


Appreciation, Drawing, Painting, Clay Sculpturing


Movement Education, Fitness, Manipulative Skills Development, Games & Sports


Vocabulary, Conjugation of Verbs, Conversation


Keyboarding, Introduction of Technology Core Standards. The computer activities and cross-curricular projects are aligned with these standards.

Grades 1-8


Homework is assigned to help students become self-reliant and self-directed. Assignments are designed to reinforce daily lessons, to supplement and enrich class work, and to prepare for certain lessons through various experiences. Since each student has different capabilities and interests, it would be difficult to denote the specific amount of time to be spent on an assignment.  A good range would be 10 minutes for each grade.  Full credit cannot be given to students who do not turn in assignments completed and on time.

Make-Up Work

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Upon returning to school from an absence, a student should collaborate with his/her teachers and ask for assignments and tests to be made up. Students have one day per day of absence to complete make-up assignments.


Grades are determined by a number of factors - daily work, test scores, projects, class participation and class preparation.

First to Eighth Grade Grading


Superior Work




Above Average

80%- 89%




70%- 79%




60%- 69%




Below 60%












Needs Improvement



Learning Differences

Grades for students with documented learning differences are used to indicate a student's progress in relation to his/her ability and not in relation to an expected grade norm. A modified grading scale may be used in the areas of difference of each student. If there are areas of academics, which are not affected by the particular learning differences, the academic standards under GRADING #4 will apply. Each child with a documented learning difference will receive a personalized education plan stating the modifications for grading.

Conduct Grades (5-8)

Students participating in extracurricular activities must maintain an overall average of 80% in conduct.

Conduct grading is evaluated as follows:

100 - 90


"A" Superior Conduct

89 - 80


"B" Average Conduct

79 - 70


"C" Conduct Needs Improvement

69 - 60


"D" Poor Conduct

Report Cards

The students' grades are used to report individual progress and should not be used as a comparison to others. Create success for your child by praising good work. If the child is low in a subject, use it as an opportunity to plan for improvement. All report cards require the signature of the parents before they are returned to the teacher. The cards need to be returned within one week of the distribution date. Parents should take note of the time when report cards and interims are distributed.

Distribution Dates 2020-2021:

September 15



October 23

Report Card

November 13



January 8

Report Card

February 5



March 19

Report Card

April 23



May 26

Report Card


Promotion of students will be based on the passing mark of sixty percent (60%) and parent/teacher consensus. Two subject failures constitute a grade failure unless the subjects are made up during summer classes or by working with a tutor approved by the principal. Students failing will be given a redemption plan devised by the teacher. Proof of passing marks based on the redemption plan will be presented to the principal before the child is promoted.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences for grades Pre-K through 8th grade will be held twice throughout the school year. These may also be requested by the teacher or by the parent.   

FACTS (Formerly known as RenWeb)

FACTS  is a web-based program used as a means of communication with families regarding Holy Souls' news, student assignments and grades for 3 – 8.




Our Lady of the Holy Souls School provides computer and internet access for students. The primary purpose of this technology is to support the educational objectives of Holy Souls School. Access to the school's network is a privilege, not a right, and all access must be consistent with the main objective of the school.


In accordance with federal law, Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000, Holy Souls Internet is filtered and monitored. Access to the internet will provide the opportunity to explore thousands of information resources. Due to the nature of the Internet, no technology protection measure or filtering device can stop all inappropriate material. Parents should be aware that every effort is made to supervise students and to filter inappropriate content, but that it is impossible to control all material.

Student Responsibility

To use the Holy Souls Network of computers and internet access, the user must take full responsibility for his/her own actions. The student assumes full responsibility for any cost, liability, or damage arising from the way he/she chooses to use that access. In order to use our network, students are expected to abide by the following rules. Violation of these terms may result in disciplinary action.

Computer Access:

  • The administration or teacher has the right to access information stored in any student file, on any student screen, or student electronic mail.
  • Intentionally altering the files, data or software on Holy Souls computers without the supervision of teacher/staff/administration will be viewed as vandalism.
  • Printing of non-school related materials is not allowed
  • Students are only allowed access to computers under the supervision of teacher/staff/administration.

Internet Access

  • Each student will receive instruction in the proper use of online tools.
  • Use of the Internet without the knowledge and permission of teacher/staff/administration is prohibited.
  • Students may not download programs or files from the Internet, except under the supervision of teacher/staff/administration.
  • Transmission or downloading of materials in violation of copyright laws is prohibited.
  • Students are not to reveal any passwords or personal information.
  • Visiting and posting to social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) is strictly prohibited on school computers.
  • Students will not use Internet access for non-school related activities
  • Students must notify the teacher immediately if inappropriate material is found on school computers.

Personal Electronic Technology Devices (PTD)

Personal Electronic Technology Devices (PTD) including, but not limited to, smart phones, laptops or tablets are to be used only when permission has been granted by teacher/staff/administration.

  • Personal commercially available networks (i.e., AT&T, Verizon, etc.) are not allowed to be activated on a student’s PTD on the school campus.
  • Never capture, transmit, or store images or recordings without the express permission of the person being recorded, parent permission of a minor and/or approval of teacher/staff/administration.
  • Such recording devices may never be accessed, turned on or operated in restrooms, dressing rooms, or other areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • The content of any PTD device may be reviewed by Holy Souls teacher/staff/administration as part of an investigation of policy violation or other suspected inappropriate, immoral and/or illegal use.
  • To protect the safety and well-being of young people, guests, staff and other community member's personal property and to avoid disruption; Holy Souls teachers/staff/administration, reserve the right to confiscate or collect any PTD.
  • If an illegal act is discovered, local law enforcement officials may be contacted.
  • Holy Souls School and organizations are not responsible for any harm to PTDs, including but not limited to loss, theft, damage, or destruction.


Cyber-bullying brought to the attention of the administration will be addressed on a case by case basis. Once substantiated, students involved in such incidents (seriously or in jest) face detention, suspension, and/or expulsion. Cyber-bullying includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Posting slurs or rumors or other disparaging remarks about students or school staff member on a website or social networking site.
  • Sending e-mail or instant messages that are mean or threatening.
  • Using a camera phone to take and send embarrassing photographs/recordings of students or school staff members or posting these images on social networking sites or video sharing sites.
  • Posting misleading or fake photographs of students or school staff members on websites.

To the extent permitted by the First Amendment, instances of cyber-bullying off school grounds that disrupt the school environment or interferes with the learning process will be considered violations of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Google Apps for Education Acceptable Use Policy

Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School (HSS) has established a Google Apps for Education account to support teaching and learning and to allow for easy sharing of documents, file storage, and connectivity within our school and classrooms. This service is available through an agreement between Google and Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School. This software will allow students and teachers to create, collaborate, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites, calendars, and more, allowing for flexible access from any computer – both at home and school – with Internet access and a web browser. While Google Apps for Education provides for flexibility over traditional desktop software, it also allows students to work in a safe, protected environment in a private domain ( While all documents are stored online, no one outside our school domain can access them. Google Apps for Education enable us to take steps toward promoting 21st century skills. We feel this is another step in preparing your child for the future.

The Google student account name will be last name, first letter of first name, graduating year ( and the password will be given to students and parents. This account will be considered the student's official school account until such time as the student is no longer enrolled at Holy Souls School.

This Google Apps for Education account will be for school purposes only. Google Apps for Education runs on an Internet domain purchased and owned by the school and is intended for educational use. Your student’s teachers will be using Google Apps for lessons, assignments, and communication. Emphasis will be made that this account is not to be used for any social or entertainment purposes, and should only be used for school assignments. Students will NOT have access to email outside the Holy Souls domain.  Students will not be able to send or receive emails except from Holy Souls teachers and the administration. At this time, only the Google Drive and Calendar app will be enabled for student use. This is a supervised account for education use only.

Google Apps for Education is also available at home, the library, or anywhere with Internet access. The administration, technology coordinator, and teachers will monitor student use of Google Apps when students are at school. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of Google Apps when accessing programs from home. Students are responsible for their own behavior at all times. Student safety is our highest priority.

Acceptable Use (Privacy and Safety)

Apps for Education is primarily for educational use. Students may use Apps for personal use subject to the restrictions below and additional school rules and policies that may apply.

Privacy: School staff, administrators, and parents have access to student email, docs, etc., for monitoring purposes. Students have no expectation of privacy on the GAFE system.

Limited personal use: Students may use Apps tools for personal projects but may not use them for:

  • Unlawful activities
  • Inappropriate sexual or other offensive content
  • Violent content or promoting weapons of any kind
  • Threatening or bullying another person
  • Misrepresentation of staff or student. Apps, sites, email, and groups, are not public forums. They are an extension of classroom spaces where student free speech rights may be limited.


  • Students may not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. That includes last names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Students will tell their teacher or other school employees about any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Students are responsible for the use of their individual accounts and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. Under no conditions should a user provide his/her password to another person.

Access Restriction -‐ Due Process:

Access to Google Apps for Education is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of HSS.

HSS maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of Apps when there is a reason to believe that violations of law or HSS policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the Principal for further investigation and account restoration, suspension, or termination. As a party of the Agreement with Google, HSS also reserves the right to immediately suspend any user account suspected of inappropriate use. Pending review, a user account may be terminated as part of such action.

These are the laws and policies that help to protect our students online:

Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

The school is required by CIPA to have technology measures and policies in place that protect students from harmful materials including those that are obscene and pornographic. This means that HSS student email is filtered. In addition, students can only email within the domain.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

COPPA applies to commercial companies and limits their ability to collect personal information from children under 13. By default, Google advertising is turned off for Apps for Education users. No personal student information is collected for commercial purposes. This permission form allows the school to act as an agent for parents in the collection of information within the school context. The school’s use of student information is solely for educational purposes.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA protects the privacy of student education records and gives parents rights to review student records. Under FERPA, schools may disclose directory information (name, phone, address, grade level, etc...) but parents may request that the school not disclose this information.

  • The school will not publish confidential education records (grades, student ID #, etc...) for public viewing on the Internet.
  • The school may publish student work and photos for public viewing but will not publish student last names or other personally identifiable information.
  • Parents may request that photos, names and general directory information about their children not be published.
  • Parents have the right at any time to investigate the contents of their child’s email and Apps for Education files.

Holy Souls School reserves the right to modify or change any policy at any time. Conditions or circumstances not specifically covered by the policies outlined in this policy may arise. On such occasions, the school administration will make decisions or pursue courses of action, which, in its judgment, can best sustain the wellbeing of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School, including the health and safety of the faculty, staff, and student body.


At Holy Souls School we firmly believe that the parents are first and foremost the primary educators of their children. In support of this belief, it is absolutely essential that parents, school staff, and administration support each other. In order to communicate the importance of this point, Holy Souls has adopted the following policy for all students, parents, school staff, and administration.

• When posting to social networks or communicating online, please be ever vigilant in maintaining professionalism.

• Vulgar, harassing, or unchristian-like postings, emails, or photos will not be tolerated.

• Remember, we are all representatives of Holy Souls School whether we are at school, a school-sanctioned event, or out in the community.

• Refrain from sending inappropriate messages or information critical of other parents, students, school faculty, and/or the school itself.

• Online communication (group texts, social media, etc.) is not the appropriate arena for airing complaints.

• Topics that require multiple emails, especially emotional ones, should be handled over the phone or in person.

• School staff may not use personal social media to communicate school information or to discuss Holy Souls School-related matters.

• School staff may not engage in social network friendships, texts, or personal email with students.

As a parent of a Catholic school student, you have a responsibility to partner with and support your school. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for what you communicate online. Before creating online content, consider some of the risks and rewards that are involved. Keep in mind that any conduct that adversely affects employees, students, or families of the parish or school may result in disciplinary action up to and including withdrawal of your child from the school and/or legal action.

Families are encouraged to follow our school’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and to use our school email, ParentsWeb, and school directory to communicate with our school staff and families. Please do not be surprised or offended if a staff member ignores your friend request on their social media accounts or calls/texts to a personal cell phone as he/she has been instructed to only use school resources for professional communication and engagement.

Teachers who choose to engage in personal cell phone calls and text messages with school families during school hours may only do so during their planning time or lunch break.

When students post to social networks, they must be ever vigilant to follow Christian morals and principles:

• Vulgar or unchristian-like postings or photos will not be tolerated at any time.

• Remind students that we are all representatives of Holy Souls School at all times.

• Students should not, at any time, send text messages intended to harass, bully, or otherwise offend the recipient; set up fake pages; talk badly about teachers, administration, staff, or other students.

• Any of the above infractions will be considered serious and may be grounds for in or out-of-school suspension, detention, loss of conduct points, possible expulsion, or any other consequences deemed appropriate by the school administration.


Uniforms are required for all students attending Holy Souls School. Students in grades 5-8 not following the dress policy will receive a conduct mark. Students in grades PK-4 not following the uniform policy will be given a uniform infraction notice. Holy Souls uniforms are available at The Toggery, and through Holy Souls School Used Uniform sales. 

(no holes or faded)


Regulation P.E. shirt, red gym shorts, and athletic shoes. P.E. uniforms must be purchased through Holy Souls School.


Students may wear post earrings (girls only), watches (no smartwatches), and rings (rings not too large or in excess).  A religious necklace may be worn.


All shirts must be tucked in at the waist at all times.


Hair shall be worn in an appropriate manner, never extreme. Hair color may not be extreme. Boys are expected to maintain a hairstyle with hair above the ears and above/off of the eyebrows.  The hair in the back of the head should be above the collar. Girls' hairstyles must be off the face and out of the eyes. Hair feathers, ribbon braided in hair, etc. is not permitted. The final decision for appropriate hairstyle rest with the principal.


Only clear nail polish may be worn. No make-up allowed with uniform or casual dress days.


Clothes worn on casual dress days should be in good taste. No bare shoulders, tank tops, mini-skirts, no hard soled boots, or sandals should be worn. Shorts/skirts must align with the school’s uniform policy. Yoga/workout pants may only be worn with a long top.  Parents should check designs and logos on shirts before leaving for school. There are many advertising logos that would not be appropriate for a Catholic School.



Goals of Discipline

The ultimate goal of Holy Souls' discipline system is to teach students to become effective modifiers of their own behavior. Self-discipline is learned; therefore, students are taught to internalize self-discipline behavior without diminishing self-esteem.

Methods of Obtaining Self-Discipline

In order to create independent self-discipline, teachers, administration, and staff  help students: express feelings in a controlled productive way, think through their actions and predict the consequences - assume responsibility for their action (good and bad), identify the causes of their misbehavior and change them to more appropriate behavior, understand that behavior is shaped and modified by its consequences, model desired behavior, learn problem-solving skills, and be consistent.


Parent-Student Statement of Responsibility

The material in this handbook contains detailed information intended to communicate the administrators educational and instructional goals and its expectations of our students. The information is excerpted from more extensive board policies and district procedures which will control any given situation. It should be noted that policies and procedures are repeatedly under review and changes can be made at any time. Providing your electronic signature during the summer re-enrollment process indicates that you have read and understand the contents of this document.

After reading the handbook, please sign the Statement of Responsibility page located in your summer re-enrollment packet.

General Rules of Conduct

Students will be mannerly, courteous, and respectful. The learning environment will be orderly and conducive to study. Students will respect school property and the property of others. Students will WALK and remain quiet when moving through the building.

Gum chewing is not permitted on campus at any time.

Major Offenses

Automatic detention, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, or expulsion may be given for major offenses. Punishment is at the discretion of the administration. See Discipline Policy Grades 6-8 for consequences.

Students in grades PreK-5 will be disciplined at the discretion of the administration. Students will be sent to the office for any Major Offense.

  • Fighting
  • Defiance of school authority (principal, teacher or staff member)
  • Cruelty to others
  • Willful destruction/defacing of school or church property
  • Consistent lack of cooperation within or outside of the classroom
  • Profanity (including inappropriate slang), verbal abuse, obscene gestures, language or conduct
  • Leaving classroom or designated area without permission
  • Cheating, Plagiarism
  • Possession of cell phone or personal cell phone use during school hours
  • Possession, use, distribution, or purchase of any drug, tobacco in any form, electronic cigarette/vape or alcoholic beverages in the school, on the school grounds, or any school function. See Diocesan Policy on pages 29 – 30
  • Bringing pocket knives, firearms, or any type of weapon on the school or church grounds
  • Any other offense deemed major by the administration


When school property is damaged, the person responsible for such damage will promptly report it and pay for the damage. Any time a student is guilty of vandalism, either during school or non-school hours, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action in addition to restitution.


All items brought to school should be marked with the student's name (sweaters, jackets, raincoats, etc.) This includes BOTH of a pair. If a student loses articles at school, he/she should check the LOST AND FOUND BOX located underneath the 5th Grade stairwell. Electronic devices such as iPod, mp3 players, radios, tape recorders, CD players, video games, and message devices are not to be brought to school without special permission. If a student needs a cell phone for after-school activities, the student must leave their cell phone in their locker during the day. The cell phone must be turned off. Any student found with a cell phone during the school day will receive automatic detention and the cell phone will need to be picked up by a parent. Cell phones are not to be used on school grounds during the hours of 7:30 and 3:20, unless authorized by the administration. Purses may be kept in a student's locker, but will not be carried to the classroom or on the playground. Holy Souls School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Use of Personal Electronic Technology Devices (PTD)

A Personal Electronic Technology Device (PTD), refers to such devices, but not limited to; cell phones, smart watches, gaming devices. Other devices, including, but not limited to tablet PCs, mobile presenters, wireless tablets, digital audio and video recorders, Palms, Sidekicks, iPods, Kindles, iPads, MP3players, texting calculators, camera video phones, digital cameras or laptops are to be used only when permission has been granted by supervising adult.

This includes devices that are using commercially available networks (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc). Never capture, transmit, or store images or recordings without the express permission of the person being recorded, parent permission of a minor and/or approval of supervising adult

  • Such recording devices may never be accessed, turned on or operated in restrooms, sleeping areas, dressing rooms, or other areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • The content of a PTD device may be reviewed by Holy Souls administration or staff as part of an investigation of policy violation or other suspected inappropriate, immoral and/or illegal use.
  • To protect the safety and well-being of young people, guests, staff and other community member's personal property and to avoid disruption; Holy Souls staff or group leaders, reserve the right to confiscate or collect any PTD.
  • If an illegal act is discovered, local law enforcement officials will be contacted.
  • Holy Souls School and organizations are not responsible for any harm to PTDs, including but not limited to the loss, theft, damage, or destruction.

Students may bring reading devices (Kindle, Nook, etc) for the purpose of reading books during the schooldays. These devices may not be used for other purposes. Students may bring these items at their own risk, the school is not responsible for lost items.


If a child needs medicine during school hours, the parents must provide the medication along with written instructions for administering. School employees are not allowed to give medication (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.) without the written consent of the parent and the parent must provide the medication for the student. ALL MEDICATION IS KEPT IN THE SCHOOL OFFICE. NO MEDICATION IS ALLOWED IN CLASSROOMS, BACKPACKS, OR SCHOOL LOCKERS. The teacher or office staff will take care of minor accidents. In the case of a serious accident, the school will contact the parents as soon as possible. If the parents cannot be contacted, the injured child will be taken to the hospital immediately. If a student has a fever or is sent home with a fever, the student must be fever free (without fever-reducing medicine) for 24 hours before returning to school


Use of the Phone
Student use of the office telephone shall be limited to EMERGENCY CALLS. Neither teachers nor students are called to the telephone during class hours unless it is an emergency. Your child should know arrangements for after-school transportation BEFORE he/she comes to school. Please DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE concerning transportation and homework assignments unless it is an emergency.

Forgotten Books, Homework, and Other Items

To help students learn responsibility, we ask that forgotten books, homework, lunches, and other school items NOT be delivered to the school.

Flowers, Balloons, or Gifts Delivered to School

Students are NOT allowed to receive balloons, flowers, or gifts that are delivered to the school. If a delivery is made for a student, the office staff will not sign for the delivery.


Students will go outside at recess periods during good weather. A written note from a parent will be required if a child cannot go outside due to health reasons. Students are not to enter the school buildings during recess periods without permission from the playground supervisor.


  • Students will go directly to the playground.
  • Students will not stand or play in the area immediately outside the cafeteria. No candy, gum, or food will be allowed on the playground.
  • Students will stay on the playground during the entire recess time unless they have permission from the playground supervisor to enter the school building.
  • Students do not have permission to go after a ball that has been kicked over the fence. Playground supervisors will retrieve all lost balls.
  • Students will not climb or hang on the walls and fences separating the playground levels.

Students will not:

  • Fight, curse, or use bad language
  • Climb on the slides
  • Stand on the benches
  • Jump from any apparatus



Self-discipline is the behavioral goal of Holy Souls Catholic School.

In grades 6-8 the "mark system" will be used as a consequence for inappropriate conduct. Marks will be given for the following offenses:

  • Excessive talking
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Disrespectful behavior or comments
  • Gum and/or food

Recognition for Good Behavior

Students who have less than four marks within a nine-week grading period will be recognized for their good conduct. A free dress day will be awarded for each student who receives LESS THAN FOUR MARKS in any nine-week period.

Consequences for Each Mark Given

Students earn ten (10) points per day for conduct. For each conduct mark given five (5) points will be deducted from the daily conduct grade. If a student earns three marks in one week (Monday – Friday), they will attend one hour of detention hall on the following Wednesday morning (6:45-7:45). If a student receives a 4th conduct/behavior mark in a one-week period, the student will serve one day of in-school suspension. A student receiving an automatic detention hall will lose 15 conduct points for the day of the infraction. A student receiving an automatic in-school suspension will lose half the conduct points for that week.

Marks given for incomplete or missing homework will not have the five points deducted from their daily conduct grade. Points will be deducted from the student's academic grade following the classroom policy for incomplete/missing homework assignments.

Each student will receive a conduct grade on their interim and report card. Please see Parochial League Rules regarding conduct and eligibility to play.

Number of Detentions and Results

After a student has served two hour long detentions and receives a third-hour long detention in a nine-week period, a conference will be held with the student, parents, teachers, and administration. If the individual's behavior does not improve, the results listed under Major Offenses will be implemented.

Major Offenses

The following behaviors may result in automatic detention, suspension or expulsion if warranted.
  • Fighting
  • Defiance of School Authority (Principal, Teacher, Staff)
  • Cruelty to other students 
  • Willful destruction/defacing of school or church property
  • Consistent lack of cooperation within or outside of the classroom
  • Profanity, verbal abuse, obscene gestures, language, or conduct
  • Leaving classroom or designated area without permission
  • Cheating, Plagiarism
  • Possession of cell phone or personal cell phone use during school hours
  • Possession, use, distribution, or purchase of any drug, electronic cigarette/vaping device, tobacco in any form, or alcoholic beverages in the school, on the school grounds, or any school function. See Diocesan Policy on pages 29 – 30.
  • Bringing pocket knives, firearms, or any type of weapon on the school or church grounds.
  • Any other offense deemed major by the administration.
  • Receiving 4 or more detentions in a nine-week period.

Number of Major Offenses & Results

A record will be kept on the number of times a student is disciplined for a Major Offense. Depending on the severity of the major offense, a student may be suspended or expelled at any time at the discretion of the administration regardless of the tracking system. 

A student with four major offenses in one school year is subject to possible probation for the next school year. A student with five major offenses in one school year may be denied admittance for the next school year. If a student is suspended in school they will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities the day of the incident/s. If a student is serving suspension out of school, they will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities scheduled on the day/s of the incident as well as the day/s of suspension. Students lose half of the week’s conduct points for serving an in-school suspension. Students may lose up to all the week’s conduct points if they serve an out of school suspension.

Individual Classroom Rules

There are individual classroom rules which each teacher will post in the classroom. Every student will be expected to know and follow these rules.


Harassment Policy

The Catholic Diocese of LR does not condone any form of harassment.
All individuals are to be treated with dignity and respect. Harassment in any form is prohibited. The prohibition against acts of harassment applies to all individuals involved in the school. (Policy 2.26 Harassment: Diocese of Little Rock.) All teachers and school staff are instructed to stop harassment when they witness it and inform the school administration of all allegations or rumors of harassment.
The following procedures will be followed in dealing with harassment:
  • Report the incident to the Principal.
  • The incident will be investigated and the parents will be notified.
  • A report of the findings will be made available to all persons involved. 
       Records of complaints will be kept on file and confidential.


  • If any student brings to school or has in his/her possession any drug or alcohol during school hours or at any school function, regardless of time or place, he/she is liable for expulsion.  He/she will be suspended immediately and parents will be notified.
  • Return to school will be contingent upon the student being actively involved in professional counseling and/or therapy if chemical dependency is evident. A second offense will result in automatic expulsion.
  • When a student is involved in the distribution of alcohol/drugs to other students, whether for financial gain or not, he/she will automatically be expelled from school. The distribution of drugs in the State of Arkansas is a felony. Secondly, the action is aiding and abetting another youth in an illegal action. Such conduct will not be tolerated by the Diocese of Little Rock and its school system.
  • A teacher is required by law to report to school authorities any incident of alcohol or drug abuse. Not to report such an incident is against the law. (Arkansas code Ann.6-21-608)

Behavior On/Off Campus

Since a Holy Souls student represents the school at all times, both on and off campus, it should be understood that any conduct which brings discredit to the student or to the reputation of Holy Souls School and its community may result in disciplinary action by the school.


General Complaints
Any person feeling aggrieved concerning any matter connected with the school will contact the individual concerned before discussing it with others.

Contact the Teacher

If a person has a complaint about a teacher, the individual will go first to the teacher to seek a solution to the problem.

Contact the Principal

If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the person will contact the principal for an appointment.

Contact the Pastor

If the problem is still not resolved, the person will contact the pastor to discuss the matter.

Contact the Superintendent

If no solution is found to the problem, the matter will be referred to the superintendent.

School Services

Health Services

  • Vision and Hearing tests are given in grades PK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, or to any other student referred by the teacher and all new students to Holy Souls School.
  • Scoliosis tests are given to girls in grades 6 and 8. Boys in grade 8.

School Insurance

The Diocese of Little Rock has selected the Student Insurance Plan from K&K Insurance Group to make reliable coverage available to parents. If you don't have other insurance, this plan may be a resource to consider. Additionally, even if you have other coverage, this plan can help fill expensive "gaps" caused by deductible and co-pays. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Holy Souls Parent-Teacher Organization meets two (2) times a year. Dates for these meetings will be mailed at the beginning of the school year. Parents of children in school are automatically members. Dues are $20.00 per family and will be included on your summer registration statement.

School Board

Diocesan School Boards are advisory. The School Board advises on matters pertaining to policies, budget, and the selection of the principal for the school. The School Board follows the guidelines adopted by the Diocesan Board of Education and approved by the Bishop. Members are elected for a period of three (3) years with terms expiring in May.


  • The Holy Souls Volunteer Committee works throughout the school to assist teachers and students in all aspects of the school day. Signup sheets will be available at the school open house in August.
  • During the school year, volunteers and parents are required to check in and out through the school office before going to any classroom. All visitors are asked to wear volunteer identification while on the school grounds or in the school building.
  • All volunteers are required to complete the CMG Connect-Safe Environment program.  Register online at 

Extended School Care

After school care is provided each day until 5:30 p.m. Christmas break and Spring break hours will be determined based on need. A snack is provided each day.


The Holy Souls School Board must approve all school fund-raisers before they can be implemented.

Learning Differences

Students who are diagnosed with a Learning Difference are offered the following services: Students with a documented diagnosed learning difference will receive a modified academic plan stating any classroom or grading modifications. Each student's academic plan is developed on an individual basis with the help of the parents, teacher, and Student Services Coordinator. Documentation of the learning difference must be kept on file in the student services coordinator's office.
  • If a learning difference is suspected, parents are encouraged to contact the student services coordinator. Further action may include observations of the student, private testing, free testing through the Little Rock School District, and/or physician referrals.
  • Speech therapy is available through the Little Rock School District at no cost for students who qualify. Speech services take place on the Holy Souls Campus. Please contact the student services coordinator for more information.

Asbestos Management Plan

Since 1988, Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic School ("School"), as part of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock, has been operating under an Asbestos Management Plan (the "Plan") as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA"). At that time, all buildings were inspected in accordance with EPA guidelines for asbestos-containing materials (40 C.F.R. Part 763). The School is committed to the safety of all building occupants, and our asbestos control efforts will be based on the advice of experts knowledgeable in asbestos techniques. The School is re-inspected every three years as required by EPA guidelines, and the School has documentation of these inspections for every three-year period after 1988. The School also has documentation of any abatement work that has been done as well as the periodic surveillance performed every six months.

 DHS Requirements

It is a requirement of DHS that any suspected sign of child abuse is reported to the Child Protection Agency. If an employee suspects any child abuse he/she is required to file a report and call the child abuse hotline. It is then left up to the proper authorities to investigate. Any staff member or child enrolled at Holy Souls School may be subject to an interview by DHS officials.

Right to Amend

Holy Souls School reserves the right to amend this Handbook. Notice of amendments will be sent to parents.



The purpose of the athletic program at Holy Souls is to provide an opportunity for all interested students to learn good sportsmanship, teamwork, and to learn and improve in basic skills of the sport. The Athletic Department will strive to encourage the active participation and individual efforts of each student, regardless of skill level. As a result of participating in the sport, the student-athlete should develop a respect for authority (coaches, referees, parents) and a respect for others (teammates and opposing teams.) The Athletic Department hopes that each individual will develop self-confidence, increase in self-esteem, and have fun.


Procedure for Complaints
  1. Submit in writing.
  2. Give to school representative (Athletic Director.)
  3. If immediate attention is necessary, the school administration takes action.
  4. If immediate attention is not required, the school representative sends to the School Board.  School Board responds in writing within one month.


  • By signing the Statement of Responsibility, all coaches, parents, and students agree to follow and adhere to the Holy Souls Athletic Policy and the Parochial League Athletic Policy.
  • Coaches must complete the Safe Environment training.
  • Team prayer is encouraged before each practice and each game.
  • Holy Souls teams have priority for gym scheduling during basketball season.

Absent from School & Eligibility to Play

If a child is absent from school, checks in after 10:00 due to illness, or leaves school early he/she may NOT play in the game or cheer in the pep rally scheduled for that day. A full day of school must be attended to be eligible to participate.

 Suspension from School & Eligibility to Play

If a student is suspended in school or out of school, they will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities scheduled on that/those days.

Sports Deadlines

The following sports are offered for students in grades 5-8. Sign up for each sport will be at the beginning of the season.  A deadline will be given for sign up. If students are not signed up by the deadline date, they will not be allowed to participate. Sport fees are due prior to the beginning of the sports season. Physicals and waivers must be in before the start of any sports season.
Archery                     Grades 6 – 8
Basketball                Grades 5-8 Boys/Girls
Cheerleading          Grades 7-8 Girls
Cross Country         Grades 5-8 Boys/Girls
Football                    Grades 5-8 Boys
Golf & Track             Grades 5-8 Boys/Girls
Volleyball                 Grades 5-8 Girls         

Assignment to Teams

The Athletic program strives to maintain a competitive balance between teams in all sports.
  • Archery — All 6th, 7th, 8th, grade members are on one team
  • Basketball and Volleyball - Players will be assigned to teams as follows:
  • The head coach will draft a team beginning with their child. Those wanting to assist will do so for the team their child is on.
  • Players are assigned by coaches by means of a supervised draft to assure equality. Teams will be kept the same for 5th & 6th grade. Teams will be re-divided in the 7th grade. Any new players signing up to play will be assigned to teams by coaches' draft with an equitable distribution of players maintained. In the event there is a significant increase or decrease in the number of players on one team, a redraft may be necessary. This will be determined by the principal and athletic director.
  • Cheerleading - All girls are on one squad.
  • Football - All 5th & 6th-grade students are on one team. All 7th & 8th-grade students are on one team.
  • Golf - All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th-grade players are on teams by grade level.
  • Pep Club - All 7th-grade girls are on one squad.
  • Track- All 5th,  6th, 7th, and 8th-grade players are on one team

Deadlines for signing up for teams will be set, announced and adhered to. The only exception will be new students that come to school after the deadline, in which case the student will be added to the roster, if possible.


Our school will participate in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), through Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's (AGFC) Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program (ANASP).
Participation in the program is subject to NASP Tournament Rules and other program requirements as stated within the NASP web-site and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission ANASP web-site guidelines.
Governing documents may be found at
NASP Rules:

Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades are eligible to participate in the extra-curricular Archery Team.

  • ANASP teams must have at least 12 but no more than 24 archers per team. Each team must have at least four archers of each gender.
  • Only Archery Team coaches, volunteers, members and member parents will be allowed in the gym during team practices. Younger siblings may not be present in the gym during practice.
  • Only school purchased bows and arrows may be used on the school campus. Students may not bring their own bows or arrows to school. Students may bring their own finger pads and/or arm guards. These items are available at local archery supply stores and/or online. Please ensure students have these type of items labeled with their name before bringing them to school.
  • ANASP Equipment specifications outlined under Section 3, Competition, of the ANASP Handbook and in paragraph 4 of the 2014 NASP Rules and Regulations document.

To have a successful archery program, parents must be willing to volunteer their time.

  • The number of volunteers depends each year on the number of students that participate.
  • All parent volunteers will be required to complete a safe environment training session.


  • No basketball team should have more than ten players unless there are not enough players to form another team.
  • Teams will stay together during the fifth and sixth grades. At the beginning of the seventh grade, the students will be reassigned by the seventh-grade coaches and the athletic director. The teams will stay together during the seventh and eighth grades.
  • The fifth-grade teams will be assigned by the incoming fifth-grade coaches and the Athletic director after accessing the students' abilities.
  • A student who has an unexcused absence to a basketball practice will miss playing in one game. If he/she misses two practices they will miss playing in two games. An excused absence is granted for illness or a family emergency.
  • The coach must be called when a player will not be at a practice or a game.


  • Cheerleaders must maintain sportsman-like conduct at all times. No spirit wars will be allowed.
  • No shoulder sits or shoulder stands or difficult stunts will be done without a spotter.
  • The visiting team cheers between the 30-yard line and the end zone. The home team cheers behind the end zone.
  • Half-time performances shall be 5 minutes per school.
  • Cheerleaders will not leave the sidelines for a break until all half-time performances are complete.
  • Cheerleaders will applaud the opposing squad's half-time performance.

Cross Country

To have a successful cross-country program parents must be willing to volunteer their time during one of the three cross-country meets. Our school will be assigned to watch over a particular section of the 2-mile course, with parent volunteers spread out just to make sure the athletes aren't intentionally or unintentionally cutting the course or getting off course.
  • All parent volunteers will be required to attend a Safe Environment training class.
  • The cross-country run shall be a course 3200 meters in length. Measurement shall be along the middle of the course. The course shall be clearly marked. This may be by a wide line marked with a material which is not injurious to the eyes or skin, or by signposts with large directional arrows wherever the course turns, or by cones, or any combination of these.
  • The course should be at least 3 feet (0.91 m) wide at its narrowest place.
  • Each Athlete should have proper running shoes and socks.
  • Jewelry is not allowed except for medical medals or properly covered "newly pierced ears".
  • Each contestant shall wear shoes. Shoes shall be worn on both feet and shall have an upper and definitely recognizable sole and heel. The shoe upper must be designed so that it can be fastened securely to the foot. The use of slippers or socks does not meet the requirements of the rule.
  • Each competitor shall wear a full-length track jersey or one-piece uniform issued by the school. The jersey and shorts may have the school identification and the jersey may have the competitor's name.
  • The jersey shall not be knotted or have a knot-like protrusion.
  • Bicycle shorts, thigh huggers, abbreviated thigh huggers, leotards, body suits, abbreviated briefs (French or high cut) and similar apparel may be worn under the shorts, but not in lieu of shorts. Loose-fitting boxer-type shorts are permitted for boys and girls and closed-leg briefs/shorts are acceptable for girls.
  • The waistband of a competitor's shorts shall be worn above the hips.
  • Bare midriff tops are not acceptable.
  • Visible undergarments: any visible shirt(s) worn under the uniform must be unadorned (except for the manufacturer's logo) and of a single color and hue. Visible garments worn under the jersey and shorts do not have to be the same color.

Meets are typically held at Burns Park Soccer Complex. There are three meets a year and they are typically held on Wednesdays. The parent/volunteer meeting starts at 4:00p.m. The girls' 2-mile race begins at 4:30 and the boys' 2-mile race at 5:00.


  • Players must have some experience playing golf.
  • Players must have their own clubs.
  • Players must be able to walk 9 holes and carry their bag.
  • Each player must be a member of the First Tee of Arkansas and follow all rules set forth by the organization.
  • Parents will be scheduled to walk with their child's team throughout the season. On your scheduled day, you will check in at the clubhouse and let First Tee know how many members of your team will be playing that day. You will then walk the entire match with your child's team.
  • All parents of students playing golf will be required to complete Safe Environment training.
  • Parents are not allowed to carry clubs or offer advice or suggestions in any way while they are on the golf course with the team.

Track and Field

To have a successful track and field program, parents must be willing to volunteer their time. The number of volunteers depends each year on the number of students that participate. There are approximately 12 volunteers that must be secured before the start of the season. Each volunteer must commit to at least one full meet from start to finish. Meets typically last from 4:30 - 8:30p.m. depending on location availability and restrictions. This does not include coaches or volunteer coordinator. The following are required event positions from Holy Souls:


1 Head Coach                              Coaches schedule and assists athletes
1 Volunteer Coordinator         Schedules volunteers for meets
2 Event Coordinators                In charge of the assigned event
10 Event Volunteers                  Assists assigned Event Coordinator
  • All parent volunteers will be required to attend a Safe Environment training session.
  • Each athlete should have proper running shoes and socks. Track "spikes" are allowed.
  • Jewelry is not allowed except for medical medals or properly covered "newly pierced ears".
  • Athletes are encouraged to wear sweats, hats, warm-ups, etc. on cold days. Gloves are not permitted for discus or shot put; however, wrist braces are allowed.
  • The maximum number of events an athlete can participate in is 4 track and 2 field. There is no minimum.
  • The maximum number of entries per event is 7 per school. This could be reduced to 4 in the "Championship Meet".
  • Athletes must provide attendance status to the head coach no later than Monday at 5:00 p.m. prior to a Wednesday meet. If the head coach is not contacted and the athlete is absent for the meet, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled meet. Sudden injury or illness will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Practice will be determined based on track availability and restrictions.
  • Typically, there are 5 meets per season. 2 practice meets where all events are split over 2 meets (unlimited participation), 2 league meets (participation restrictions) where all events are included and 1 Championship meet participation restrictions).

Team Banners

Teams that are named parochial league champions or win the end of season parochial league tournament may purchase a banner to be placed in the gymnasium.  All banners are purchased through the Athletic Director.

Gymnasium Use

Holy Souls School gymnasium is available to rent for basketball/volleyball purposes by any active member of Holy Souls Parish over the age of twenty-five (25) or a parent of a student who is currently enrolled.  Availability will depend on the schedules of Holy Souls School and Church.  Contact the athletic director for more information at or 501-663-4513.

Selection of Volunteer Coaches

Cheerleading - Sponsors will be faculty members appointed by the principal.

Football & Archery  - The head coach is appointed by the principal. Assistant coaches will be selected by the head coach in consultation with the principal from qualified volunteers.

Basketball & Volleyball - Volunteer coaches will be selected from all interested in coaching. First preference will be given to parents of children on the team. If more than one parent wants to be head coach, consideration will be given to;

  1. Those that have completed the Safe Environment training.
  2. Whether the interested parties are already coaching another team
  3. Experience

A coach that takes a team at the entry level into a sport (i.e. 5th-grade basketball) will be allowed to stay with that team through the 8th-grade whenever possible. If a coach must leave, the assistant coach may be moved to the head coach position or a qualified coach will be found. In the event a team needs to be split, a qualified coach will be found for that team. 

2020 Parochial League Athletic Policy

Revised 2019


The Parochial League’s primary focus is to foster the academic and religious development of the students at all times. It provides an opportunity for all interested students to learn good sportsmanship and teamwork as well as improve in the basic skills of the sport. The athletic department will strive to encourage the active participation and individual efforts of each student, regardless of skill level. As a result of participating in the sport, the student/athlete should develop a respect for authority (coaches, officials, parents) and a respect for others (teammates, opposing teams).


SECTION 1: The parochial league sports are football, cheerleading, volleyball, golf, basketball, track, cross-country, and quiz bowl.

SECTION 2: The sports programs are open to any child who wishes to participate as long as he/she is attending a parochial school or other member school and meets the academic and conduct requirements. Exemptions may be made after consultation with the principals and the staff of the Office of Catholic Schools.

SECTION 3: Schools are encouraged to have a sign posted near the entrance of the gym reminding all who enter to show good sportsmanship. Teams will pray together prior to each game/match. The home team is responsible for leading the prayer.

SECTION 4: All athletic events need to be scheduled one night a week and on weekends. Schools may play more during the week for volleyball, tournaments, make-up games, and when the schedule must be made to accommodate more games. No games are to be scheduled to start after 8:00 P.M. on school nights. School nights are defined as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

SECTION 5: The parochial and member schools are: Christ the King -- Little Rock, Our Lady of the Holy Souls -- Little Rock, St. Edward -- Little Rock, St. Theresa -- Little Rock, Christ Lutheran -- Little Rock, Immaculate Conception -- North Little Rock, Immaculate Heart of Mary -- North Little Rock, North Little Rock Catholic Academy -- North Little Rock, Our Lady of Fatima -- Benton, St. John -- Hot Springs, and The Anthony School -- Little Rock.

SECTION 6: Schools shall not conduct tryouts.

SECTION 7: Schools with multiple grade level teams are to divide these teams equally by skill level. This should be done at the 5th and 7th-grade levels and more often if needed at the discretion of the principal and athletic director.

SECTION 8: Schools must receive approval from the Office of Catholic Schools before a student is allowed to “play down” for a lower grade level team.

SECTION 9: Team rosters for each sport must be turned into the Office of Catholic Schools before the beginning of that season. A waiver must be signed by the principal stating that a physical is on file at the school for each student dated within one year of the student’s beginning participation.


SECTION 1: Athletic Program The athletic program is under the direct supervision of the school principal and overseen by the Superintendent of the Catholic Schools.

A. Athletic fees paid to the Parochial League are to be sent to the Catholic Schools Office prior to October 1st.

B. The assessed fee to participate in the Parochial League will be determined at the first meeting of the year.

Payment from the Parochial League:

Coordinator for league scheduling and keeping the standings Volleyball referees are paid by the school hosting the games at the rate of $25.00 per match.

Basketball referees are paid by the school hosting the game(s) at the rate of $25.00 per game.

SECTION 2: Athletic Board The Parochial League Athletic Board will consist of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, and the principal and athletic director from each school. When a vote needs to be taken, each participating school principal will be granted one vote. The director of the officials is an ex-official member.

SECTION 3: Athletic Director The principal will choose an athletic director for his/her school. The athletic director is responsible for submitting all schedules to the principal. The principal and the athletic director are to attend the Parochial League Athletic Board meetings.

SECTION 4: Coaches should be familiar and follow the Parochial League Athletic Policy. As a coach, they should be mindful of the physical safety of the students and not place any student in a position where serious injury may occur. Coaches must not physically or emotionally abuse any student who is under their supervision. Coaches should be aware that a student’s performance may be limited by their present physical and emotional developmental stage. Each student who is a member of the team should receive ample opportunity for playing in games on a regular basis. Persons who abuse these guidelines will lose the privilege of coaching in the Parochial League.

A. All coaches and assistant coaches in Catholic schools must have completed the Safe Environment Training mandated by the Diocese of Little Rock and have a background check completed by the Diocese of Little Rock before they will be allowed to coach.

B. Coaches must be at least 18 years old. Coaches under 21 years of age must have an adult 21 years or older to supervise. This supervising coach must be listed on the roster of coaches. There shall always be at least 2 adults at all games and practices.

SECTION 5: Officials The director of officials is hired by the league board. It is the responsibility of the director of officials to conduct a mandatory meeting with the officials and coaches to go over rules and regulations of the Parochial League. As officials are part of the team that administers games, we rely on them to keep control of each contest. They should be treated with respect by coaches, players, and fans. Any concerns regarding the officials should be directed first to the athletic director of the school, and the athletic director must share the concern with the principal and director of officials. The officials have the authority to eject coaches, players, and fans for violations of conduct.

A. Each school is to have trained and qualified scorekeepers. No elementary students may be scorekeepers.

B. The scorebook is the official record of all athletic events. The coach is to sign the book prior to the game to check the players’ numbers. The referees and the scorekeeper are to sign the book after the game is over. The official scorebooks are to be kept at the schools.

SECTION 6: Parents It is very important that parents function as role models for their children. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend games in which their children are participating, as an expression of parental concern for their child’s effort. Parents’ behavior at games shall exemplify the behavior expected of the child and must reflect positively on the Parochial League. Belligerent or demeaning comments or actions toward game officials, coaches, players, or other fans will result in ejection from the site. If a parent is ejected from a game, the parent is required to leave the facility. If the parent refuses to leave, the referees will stop the game until the parent exits the facilities. If the parent should refuse to leave, the police may be called. (C4)

SECTION 7: Students are expected to show the same degree of respect and obedience to coaches as is expected of them in their relationship to classroom teachers. During any sanctioned athletic activity, the students (players and fans), coaches, and parents are representatives of the Parochial League. Students shall not engage in any activity or exhibit any behavior that detracts from the goals or image of the Parochial League. Such behavior could result in ejection from the site.

A. Rules for player participation will apply for both regular season and tournament play.

No player who has reached age 12 by September 1st may play on the 5th-grade team.
No player who has reached age 13 by September 1st may play on the 6th-grade team.
No player who has reached age 14 by September 1st may play on the 7th-grade team.
No player who has reached age 15 by September 1st may play on the 8th-grade team.

B. If a student is academically ineligible, he/she may practice at the discretion of the school principal.

C. If a student is absent from school due to illness or leaves early because of illness or unexcused absence he/she may not play in the game scheduled for that evening. Each school will set a time that students must be at school in the morning to participate in a game for that day unless there is an excused absence. This decision will be made by the principal.

D. If a student is ineligible to play on the date of the game (academic or conduct), he/she may NOT dress out or play in that game. (C1)

E. No player can move over to another team of the same age group within the school. (C1)

F. No player may begin practice or continue to participate without a physical on file at the school that is less than a year old. All students must have on file a signed copy of the Diocesan Parental Permission form that includes proof of health insurance.

G. Team Apparel

1. Headbands and sweatbands must be white or similar in color to the jersey. Only one item is permitted on the head and the wrist. Sweatbands must be worn below the elbow and maybe a maximum of 4 inches (10.16 cm) wide. Rubber or elastic bands may be used to control hair. All other head decorations are prohibited.

2. If a player wears a t-shirt under his/her jersey it must be the same color as the dominant color of the team jersey. If a team has two different colors of jerseys (light and dark) or reversible jerseys when playing at home they will wear white (light) and dark when playing away.

3. Jewelry is prohibited. A medical alert medal and/or an insulin pump may be worn but must be taped to the athlete. If a player is wearing either of these the coach is to let the officials know before the game begins.

H. Player Injury

1. If a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or has any amount of blood on his/her uniform he/she shall be directed to leave the game until the situation is corrected.

2. If a player has an injury requiring a doctor’s attention, he/she must have a doctor’s permission before they may practice or play again.

I. Academic and Conduct Eligibility Quarter report card grades will be used to place a student on academic and conduct probation. Interim grades will be used for possible reinstatement. Interim conduct grades will be used to place a student on probation with the report card grade used for possible reinstatement. Changes for the roster dates will follow the official Catholic school calendar. Spring (Fourth) quarter academic or conduct grades will not affect fall sports eligibility.

1. Students participating in the Parochial League activities must maintain an average of 70% in the following subjects, with no individual grade below 60%: Religion, Reading/Literature, Spelling, Science, Math, Language, Social Studies, Art, and any other classes the school offers. Academic, marking codes are as follows:

A = 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70 - 79%, D 60 - 69%, F = below 60%.

2. Students participating in extracurricular activities must have an 80% (B) or better in conduct. Conduct marking codes are as follows:

A= 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70-79 D = 60-69%, F = below 60%.

3. Learning Disabilities: A diagnosed learning disability or handicapping condition is a condition that has been evaluated by a psychologist and/or psychological examiner and determined as severe enough to prevent a child from learning through traditional classroom instruction. If a student has been diagnosed with a learning disability the school principal may make an exception using the following guidelines to allow the student to participate in the parochial league.

a. Copies of test results and suggestions for educational modifications and/or MAP (modified academic plan) must be filed in the school office.

b. A modified grading scale may be used in the student’s area(s) of disability. If there are areas of academics which are not affected by the particular diagnosed learning disability or handicapping condition, the academic eligibility standards for non-disabled students will apply.

c. The principal, classroom teacher(s), parents/guardians, and the student should be aware of the guidelines established in the modifications and/or MAP prior to its enactment.



A. Games cannot be postponed for illness if a team has enough eligible players to start the game. 

B. School closures for inclement weather, sickness, etc. will automatically postpone games and practices. A decision regarding playing/postponing games on Saturday due to inclement weather, sickness, etc. will be made by the superintendent on the Friday evening prior to the Saturday games. The decision will be disseminated to principals and athletic directors at that time.

C. Games will only be rescheduled for church and school activities that were not scheduled prior to the season.

D. Pep rallies are limited to a maximum of four for the school year.

E. If a coach enters his/her team in another league the team may not wear their school uniform or play under the school’s name. All-Parochial League games must be played as scheduled. The Parochial League games come first. (C3-for that team)

F. Teams are to be at the game site, dressed and ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.

G. Girls cannot play on boys’ teams, and boys cannot play on girls’ teams.

H. Any school whose team forfeits a game will be responsible for paying the officials’ fees. They will reimburse the home school or the Parochial League.

I. No parochial team shall participate in more than 6 tournaments in one school year. This includes all preseason and postseason tournaments. (C2)


SECTION 1: Basketball

A. All National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules and penalties will apply provided there is not a league rule that supersedes it. (C1)

B. The host gym will provide the game ball and two (2) warm up balls for each team. Only those balls will be used during warm-up periods. No other balls shall be brought into the gyms. (C1) 

C. 5th and 6th-grade boys and all girls’ teams will use the 28.5-inch ball.

D. The free throw line for the 5th-grade boys and girls will be twelve feet. The regulation free throw lane will be used for the three (3) second call.

E. The 5th and 6th-grade boys/girls divisions will play five (5) minute quarters.

F. The 7th and 8th-grade boys/girls divisions will play six (6) minute quarters.

G. All overtime periods will be 2 minutes in length.

H. All post-season tournaments will be single elimination.

I. All grades must play every participant a minimum of a quarter each game. In order to fulfill the quarter obligation, when entering a game for the first time, each player will start a quarter and play that entire quarter except for medical reasons, fouling out, or disciplinary actions. (C1)

J. If a player is injured and must come out in his/her first quarter of play he/she may not re-enter that quarter unless it is on the next stoppage of the clock. If they do not re-enter immediately, they must still fulfill their quarter requirement the next time they enter.

K. The 5th-grade boys/girls divisions may press the last two (2) minutes and the entire overtime period of the game. The 6th-grade boys/girls division may press the second half of the game. The 7th and 8th-grade boys/girls divisions may press at any time.

L. If there is a 30 point advantage in the 4th quarter the clock will run continuously.

M. There can only be 2 non-players (coaches) sitting on the bench. Ineligible players can sit on the bench with the team.

N. Playing down is not allowed unless approved by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

O. If needed a team may play up players from the grade below to have a total of 8 players for a single grade team. The quarter rule for playing will apply. The athlete may only play up for one team each season. The athlete playing up may not play more than any member of the team.

P. Schools which field more than one (1) grade level team must have a minimum of 6 grade level players on the roster before being allowed to play up additional players.

Q. Schools that need 4th graders to make a 5th-grade team, girls and/or boys, must offer all 4th graders of that gender the opportunity to play.

R. A player is allowed to play a maximum of two (2) games per night.

S. If any team fails to show for a scheduled game, by game time, the game is a forfeit. If both teams fail to show, both teams will receive losses. Any school whose team forfeits a basketball game will be responsible for paying the referees fees (they will reimburse the home gym).

T. First and second place trophies will be awarded for league play and a traveling trophy will be awarded for postseason tournament play.

U. If a team is ahead by 15 points, that team will not press and allow the opposing team to get across half court.

V. The 7/8 grade girls will have a combined junior high team. In the event there is more than one junior high girls’ team for one school, the teams must be divided to have equal skill ability.

SECTION 2: Volleyball

A. All play and penalties will be governed by the NFHS rules provided that there is not a league rule that supersedes it.

B. Volleyball games will be scheduled at 6:00, 6:45, and 7:30 during the week. Volleyball games can be played two weeknights when necessary.

C. The service area will extend 5 feet (1.52 m) into the court for the 5th and 6th-grade division.

D. The post-season tournament will be single elimination.

E. Rally scoring will be used at all grade levels. A match will consist of winning the best 2 out of 3 games. The first 2 games will be played to 25 points. The third game to 15 points. A team must win a game by 2 points.

F. All players must wear kneepads.

G. Every player must play in each match. This means they must play in the first or second game of the match. (C1)

H. A grade level team may play up players from the grade below to have no more than 7 players.

I. The 5th and 6th-grade teams will use lightweight volleyball.

J. There can only be 2 non-players (coaches) sitting on the bench. Ineligible players can sit on the bench with the team.

SECTION 3: Football

A. In the interest of safety, it will not be required that each child be played a minimum amount of time. A smaller student should not be played against a larger student. Coaches should try to play each player an equal amount of time.

B. Any player who weighs more than 160 lbs. without pads may not line up in the backfield except as a punter in a punting situation.

C. There will be 3-time outs per half.

D. The quarter will be 7 minutes in length, stopping per NFHS rules.

E. Half-time will be 10 minutes.

F. Four referees will be used, but play can start with only two present.

G. The home team will be responsible for the opening prayer and the chain gang.

H. Uniforms purchased shall follow NFHS rules with the following exception: “The school name may be above and below the numbers.”

I. During the game, the players and coaches on the sidelines must stay between their twenty and forty-yard lines.

J. Should the football season end with a tie, the tiebreaker will be the fewest points scored upon a team will be a higher ranked team.

SECTION 4: Cheerleading

Any elementary or secondary school with a cheerleading program must have a qualified coach to supervise.

If the cheerleading program does any type of acrobatics, pyramids, or tumbling skills the elementary school must follow the Novice rules and regulations from the National Cheerleading Association. The following guidelines are to be used for these elementary school cheering squads.

General Guidelines

Cheerleading squads should be placed under the direction of a qualified and knowledgeable advisor or coach. To be a qualified advisor or coach one should receive the Spirit Safety Certification from the AACCA online at

  • All practice sessions must be supervised by the qualified advisor or coach and held at a location suitable for the activities of cheerleading (i.e. use of appropriate mats, away from excessive noise and distractions, etc.)
  • Advisors/coaches should recognize a squad’s particular ability level and should limit the squad’s activities accordingly.
  • All cheerleaders should receive proper training before attempting any form of cheerleading gymnastics (tumbling, partner stunts, pyramids and jumps).
  • Stretching exercises must be done prior to all stunts.
  • Training in proper spotting techniques is mandatory for all squads 
  • All jewelry is prohibited during participation.
  • Partner Stunts, Pyramids and Tosses
  • All pyramids and partner stunts are limited to two persons high
  • No inverted position stunts
  • No suspended splits are allowed
  • Only shoulder height stunts on partner stunting with a spotter
  • Released transition stunts must be braced on at least one side
  • Cradles are from shoulder height only
  • No fully extended stunts
  • Tumbling
  • No dive rolls
  • No somersaulting in the air (back or front tucks)
  • Standing back and front handsprings allowed
  • Round off back handsprings allowed
  • Cheerleaders will stand between the end zone and the 30-yard line.

SECTION 5: Quiz Bowl

The Arkansas Quiz Bowl Rules of Competition will be followed.

SECTION 6: Cross Country and Track

All National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules and penalties will apply provided there is not a league rule that supersedes it. (C1)

Please see the addendum: Parochial League Track & Field/Cross Count Rules Book 2019-2020.


SECTION 1: Consequence #1 (C1) - Forfeit of game or games that the rule violated.

SECTION 2: Consequence #2 (C2) — The team that violated the rule will continue playing games but will not be eligible for any pre/postseason tournaments.

SECTION 3: Consequence #3 (C3) — The member of the team that violated the rule will be dismissed from the league and put on one-year probation. That is, not play any games for one year.

SECTION 4: Consequence #4 (C4) - If a player, coach, or fan is ejected from a game for a violation he/she cannot attend that team’s next parochial league game. This must be reported to the principal and the principal will enforce. If the ejected coach, player, or fan is from the visiting team it is the home team principal’s responsibility to contact the visiting team’s principal to make sure the rule is enforced. If there is a second offense they will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the season. If anyone puts hands on an official, in a hostile manner, this person will be banned from athletic events for one calendar year.


A protest will be considered for any league game where there was an alleged misapplication of a playing rule. Within two (2) business days, the coach must submit in writing to his/her athletic director, the date, time, place, opponent, name of the official, the rule under which the protest is made, and the conditions and essential facts involved in the protest. The athletic director will present this to his/her principal. If the principal deems the protest to be valid, the principal will notify the principal of the school on which the protest was filed. The protest signed by the principal and the athletic director and a fee of $25.00 must be submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools within 4 business days of the game in question. A non-communicated to both principals within five business days of receiving the protest.


If coaches pick and choose players to play in an invitational tournament the players shall not wear the school uniforms. Even though invitational tournaments are not Parochial League sponsored and the parochial league rules do not apply, coaches are expected to conduct themselves with the same decorum as required in the parochial league and are encouraged to follow playing time rules.

There shall be no videotaping of opposing teams for the purpose of “watching films” against another.

Procedure for Changing the School's Mission, Policies, Programs, or Special Projects  

Purpose and Philosophy

This policy outlines the procedures through which the administration or parents/guardians of Our Lady of Holy Souls Catholic School ("school") may propose changes to the school's mission, policy, programs, or special projects. The purpose of the policy is to establish an understandable procedure through which proposed changes may be presented and ultimately approved or disapproved by the school community.


Policy -Holy Souls School Student Handbook
Programs/Special Projects - any organized activity that addresses or enriches the current curriculum.

Procedures for Submission

1. An expression of interest in the consideration of an amendment to the school mission, policy, programs, or special projects by an individual parent/guardian, a group of parents/guardians, or the Holy Souls Parent Teacher Organization ("PTO") begins these procedures.

2. The expression of interest shall be submitted to the school principal in the form of a petition with the signatures of at least twenty percent (20%) of parents/guardians of students at the school (one signature per family).

3. The petition shall include the following:

  1. The reasons for the proposed amendment;
  2. The precise language of the proposed amendment;
  3. Consideration of the financial implications of the proposed amendment, which should include:
    1. A detailed estimate of proposed revenue sources
    2. A detailed estimate of the required expenditures

     iv. Consideration of non-financial implications of the proposed amendment which should include:

  • A detailed explanation of physical plant, property, and equipment implications
  • A detailed explanation of individual and group voluntary services required.

      v. A timeline for implementation

4.  Once a petition has been submitted, the principal, or his/her designee, shall submit the petition to the school board. The school board shall approve, disprove, or return the petition for further information or clarification. The school board's approval is required prior to any further action being taken on the petition.

5.  Upon approval by the school board, the school principal, or his/her designee, shall notify the PTO president who shall present the petition at the next scheduled PTO meeting. Copies of the petition shall be distributed at said meeting. After the initial presentation of the petition, the PTO president will facilitate discussions and meetings in order to assist in the orderly sharing of ideas, interests, and concerns regarding the proposed amendment.

6. A vote shall be taken at the PTO meeting following that in which the petition was initially presented. PTO meetings are held in September and April.

Voting Procedures

  • The PTO president will lead voting based on the guidelines from Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Once a change has been proposed, that same proposal may not be brought up for discussion for a period of five years from the date of the decision.