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Raise Craze

Raise Craze is October 10-20

Watch Our Kindness Construction Progress Here

Our goal this year is to raise $65,000 for our school! 

Areas these funds are needed include:

  • Athletics/P.E. with Gym Improvements
  • Visual Arts with new Kiln for Ceramics
  • Media Studies with Production/Broadcast Equipment
  • Performing Arts with Stage Improvements
  • STEAM with Dissection unit

AOK = Acts of Kindness

Get Creative

Make it fun

Keep it simple

Click Here for some Raise Craze AOK Suggestions. 

Community AOK Night on Oct. 11

If you are able to join us for Community AOK night on October 11th, RSVP by Clicking Here

Register for Raise Craze Today!

Get set-up for Raise Craze, now!

In just three easy steps, your student will be all set for Raise Craze.

1) Register

Simply visit to set-up your account.

2) Select AOKs

Select at least three Acts of Kindness on your page as the ways you will give back this Raise Craze season.

3) Add Emails

Add email addresses for friends and family who would be supportive of your kindness efforts! (Don't worry if you don't have all the email addresses right away, you can always go back and add more, later!)

Having trouble? See the full Registration Form with Instructions by Clicking Here.

Haga Clic Aquí para las instrucciones de registro en Español.

Registration Challenge: get registered by 8 pm on Tuesday Oct 11th to get a ringpop at recess!

2022 Incentives

School-wide Act of Kindness: Food Drive for Arkansas Foodbank

Our school-wide Act of Kindness this year is to take in donations for the Arkansas Foodbank.

Earn one Act of Kindness for donating, and help us reach our goal of delivering 500 pounds of food to hungry Arkansans!



Cash/Check Donations

Click Here for the Cash/Check Form in English

Haga Clic Aquí para el Formulario en Español