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Tuition and Fees


Financial Obligations

Students of families who fail to meet financial obligations may be required to leave the school. Transcripts will not be forwarded to another school until all payments are made.



Tuition may be paid annually or monthly through FACTS tuition management. Visit the school website ( to sign up for a FACTS account.


Faculty Fee

All new families enrolling in Holy Souls School will pay a one-time Facility and Resource Fee of $1,000 per family.




There is no difference in tuition for attending PreK if the family is in parish or out of parish.

The four-year old tuition of $477.40 per month includes one snack per day. If you already have a child enrolled in school, your tuition will be $477.40 plus the tuition for your other child/children.

In-Parish Families (Grades PreK-8)

Families who are not only registered members of Holy Souls Church but who also have a record of regularly attending mass and supporting Holy Souls Church by the use of church envelopes. Also included in in-parish are those who are members of other catholic churches not currently associated with a catholic school. Those included here must obtain a written confirmation from their pastor that they are active members who financially support their church.

In-Parish Families(K-8) that have contributed $630.00 to the parish within the previous calendar year.


$477.40/mo for 10 mos. =$4,774 Annual


$412.20/mo for 10 mos. = $4,122 Annual


$711.80/mo for 10 mos. = $7,118 Annual


$960.00/mo for 10 mos. = $9,604 Annual


$1,085.00/mo for 10 mos. = $10,847 Annual

Out of Parish - catholic families who are not registered members of Holy Souls Church. It also includes members of Holy Souls Church for whom there is no record of regular mass attendance and support of Holy Souls Church by the use of church envelopes.


One-time contribution $750.00 to Parish

First Child

$611.00/mo for 10 mos. = $6,108 Annual

Each Additional Child

$547.00/mo for 10 mos. = $5,470 Annual

Non-Catholics - Families who are not members of the Catholic faith.


One time contribution $1,100.00 to


$708.00/mo for 10 mos = $7,080 Annual


Holy Souls Church Fees

Prior to registration, a family must be practicing Catholics registered in Holy Souls Parish and have contributed at least $630.00 to church support during the 2015 calendar year (January -December). For out-of-parish students, there is a one-time contribution requirement of $750.00 per family to the Holy Souls Building Fund.

For non-Catholic students, there is a one-time contribution of $1,100 per family to the Holy Souls Church Building Fund. All of these fees are made payable to Holy Souls Church. For those students who enroll midway through the seventh grade or eighth grade only, there is a one- time facility fee of $500.00 per family.


Non-Refundable Fees

All pre-registration and enrollment fees due at time of acceptance are non-refundable if your decision is to attend another school in the area. All fees will be refunded prior to the start of the school year if your family is moving out of the area. For families that move during the school year, a $300 withdrawal fee will be assessed.


Book Rental

Textbooks are issued on a rental basis and must be checked in at the end of the school term or before withdrawal. Any student who loses or damages a book shall replace the book at full cost. All students are required to cover rental books and carry them in a book bag.


Book & Additional Fees

Rental books, consumable books, and classroom materials will be included in the overall tuition payment for the following school year. Book bills and fees for 2016-2017 total $200.00 per child. Book fees to be paid for the 2017-2018 school year have not yet been determined.

The Parent-Teacher Organization dues are $15.00 per family.

The following 3 fees are included as part of the overall tuition payment.

Student Resource Fee             $75.00 (PK-8th grades)

Art Fee                                         $12.00 (PK-8th grade)

Kindergarten Snack Fee          $100.00 (Kindergarten only)


Lunch and Milk

Lunch and Milk           $3.25

Milk or Water             $ .50


Athletic Fees (GRADES 5-8)

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, Cross Country, Archery and Track fees are $45.00 per sport.

  • Basketball, volleyball, track and field uniforms and football jerseys are included in the fees.
  • Volleyball knee- pads, football pads, pants, and helmets must be individually purchased.
  • Golf fees are paid directly to First Tee of Arkansas.
  • Cheerleading Uniforms have the following additional fees:
    • uniform rental- $30, shoes, socks, bloomers-$75
    • sweatshirt-$50.00 (optional)

Any sport played that is not paid for by the deadline for that sport will have a $20.00 late fee charged to their account.


Extended Care Program Fees

Registration Fee

  • After School Care is $10 per student, Daily Rate 

Summer & Holiday fees for Care are as follows;

  • Daily Rate $35 per student
  • Weekly Rate $135 per student
  • Summer Activity Fees and rates for 2017 have not been set.



The Holy Souls Church Scholarship and Tuition Aid program is designed to enable active parishioners with Catholic children to send their children to Holy Souls School, even though the parents may be unable to pay full tuition rates at the time. FACTS will administer the Church's tuition assistance program. FACTS will provide a high degree of objectivity, professionalism, and confidentiality. When applying for financial aid, each family is required to complete a formal application and to send the application, any supporting documentation, and a $30.00 application fee directly to FACTS. Application for financial assistance may be picked up in the School office or in the Church Business Office. The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2017. All applicants will receive written responses by June 15, 2017. Families receiving scholarship monies will be responsible for all school fees including books, pre-registration, athletics, PTO, school activity fees, cafeteria, and Extended Care.

We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment on the same platform. 

Click HERE to follow the Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan or Apply for Financial Aid.