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Teachers Favorite Things

Teacher Name Class Room Birthday Favorite Color Favorite Sonic Drink Favorite (day) Beverage Favorite Treat Favorite Place to Eat Favorite Place to Shop Hobbies/Interest How Do You Prefer to Be Pampered? Classroom Wish List
Amy Bratcher 1A May 4 orange and hot pink Cherry Limeade water chocolate Pantry Crest, Maddies, Sushi Cafe Tulips, Box Turtle, E.Leigh's spending time with family and friend manicure or pedicure, gift card indoor recess games, fun colored pens, markers
Tricia Finch 1B Oct 14 purple unsweet tea with blackberry tea or diet coke Wicked snack mix Moe's  Target running reading mani pedi materials that can be used for art or science such as Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, food coloring, etc.
Teresa Maxwell 1C April 8 blue diet limeade or diet cherry limeade coffee- latte or hot chai latte dark chocolate with nuts, popcorn Big Orange ,Catering to You Amazon, Target, Michaels travel, reading, sewing, crochet and other crafts Rejuvenations Day Spa inside recess and center time activities: magnatiles, playdoh, pads of paper for painting (watercolor paper or other)
Barbie Johnston 2A September 3 Green Coke or Sweet Tea Coke or Sweet Tea Rolos, Pumpkin Seeds, Reese's  Bosa Nova, Tazikis, Chick-Fila Target, Amazon Camping, Reading red wine, surprise sweet tea or coke playdough
Hollyn Hum 2B June 27th pink Water with raspberry  Diet coke Wicked Mix, Twix bars, Junior Mints, or anything dark chocolate Heights Taco & Tamale, U.S. Pizza, and Sushi Cafe E. Leighs, Target, Indigo, or Lululemon Going to the lake and Razorback games,  Manicure, pedicure, or massage Candy for reward incentives, black beanbags for reading center, plastic drawers for organizing, and stickers!
Courtney Menz 2C April 19 blue diet dr pepper diet cherry limeade from sonic or burges diet cherry limeade- Burges Burges, Zaza , Cheers Tulips, Target gardening massage- Rachelle Mosely (Bella's mom-2),  Legos, any games
Margaret McGinness 3A December 31 Red Cherry Coke unsweet tea Chocolate or Starbucks Chick-fil-a or Tropical Smoothie Target or Kirklands Reading & Drinking coffee Pedicure Balance ball or bean bag, headphones/earbuds
Laura Jones 3A and 3B aide July 4th Purple Unsweet tea  Starbucks white peach tea- no water added Gluten free dark chocolate or Dempsey Bakery cheesecake or chocolate cupcakes  Chick-fil-a or Whole Hog or Dempsey bakery Loft or Dillards Camping  Canon Grill cheese dip and salsa  
Allison Post 3B February-18 All Colors Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip Cookies Tazikis Altard State Reading, Running, and Shopping Shopping, Mani and pedi  
Holly Seaman 4A August 25 Any Mango Water or Cranberry Limeade Decaf Tea, Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte (or Decaf Pumpkin Spice during season), Sprite Salty snacks Buffalo Grill, Tacos 4 Life, Local Lime Loft and Target My kids are my main hobby! Ha! I love the Razorbacks, stationary, and running when I can.  Mani/Pedi and massages None at this time :)
Courtney Kelly 4B August-18 Red unsweet tea coffee, water, tea nuts, popcorn, veggies Big Orange, Zaza's, Cantina Laredo Target, Go Running, Box Turtle, Haus Werk Running, hanging out with my Family Pedicures, Rose wine :), massage target gift card, knowledge tree gift card
Deborah Poirot 5A April-18 Blue Diet Cherry Limeade Coffee Dark Chocolate Panera, ZaZa's, Purple Cow Wordsworth Books Crafts, hiking Mani/Pedi Current World Globe
Jana Chiolino 5B June 15 red Coke Zero La Croix cheese Cheers in Maumelle - Heights gift certificates don't work in Maumelle Athleta golf spa day Ruby Bridges DVD
Jill Wingfield 6A February-18 green Sweet tea Diet DR. Pepper Chocolate/Reeses(Sweet) No nuts please or Cheeseits (savory Anywhere-We like food! Gap Movies Pedicure Apple Music; black film canisters with lid (36); Large Time Timer; Water Gel (sodium polyacrylate); Flocabulary
Carol Fox 6B January 7 yellow cherry coke, cherry limeade ice tea sun chips, dark chocolate U. S. Pizza, Cheers, Trio's Target, Dillard's, Belk Movies, Reading pedicure New copies of  The Cay (novel)
Heather Olvey 7A January 19 green peach tea, or cherry limeade chai tea or diet Dr. Pepper chocolate, baked goods Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden Target, Barnes and Noble, Forsythe's reading, sewing, cycling pedicure  
Ryan Thursby 7B September-18 Blue Diet Cherry Dr Pepper Diet Cherry Dr Pepper Mixed nuts, since I cant have twizzlers Anywhere I can get ribs or steak Dillards, Buckle, academy Scuba diving with my son. Coaching basketball   Bigger desks, small dry erase markers for white boards, 
Terri Files 8A October 1 purple or green Dr. Pepper Water chocolate Big Orange, US Pizza Target/Loft running, photography pedicure  
Carla Ramsay 8B August-18 mint diet coke coffee pedicure! Heights Taco; Chik-fil-a target cleaning!  haircuts! dinner out! venus fly trap
Kelley Vogelgesang Art February-18 turquoise unsweetened iced tea with lemon coke, iced tea, water cake anywhere Mexican Cynthia East Fabrics, Target Art, cooking, reading mani/pedi wet wipes, cleaning supplies
Nick Collier Computer Lab May-18 Red Cherry Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper Ice Cream Texas Roadhouse Nike Store Sports ( basketball and football), Razorbacks, Movies Home Cooked Meal College pennants - sec and other to hang in room.
Lynn Milton Jr High Religion  February-18 purple cherry limeade Coffee with cream or Water (la Croix or plain bottled) dark chocolate, pretzels (any kind), almonds Zaza's, Taziki's, Local Lime E. Leigh's, Francesca's, Target hiking, gardening, running, reading mani/pedi, massage, facials  
Kim Rehbein KA February-18 red Diet coke with  cherry diet coke cheese dip, cookies, almonds,  Big Orange, Mr. Hui's, Boulevard, Doe's, Chick -fil-a, Sonic T.J.Maxx, Dillard's, J.Jill NeedlePunch, applique,  Pedicure, Manicure Target gift cards, knowledge tree gift cards, Michael's gift card
Allison Carroll KB March-18 Any Lemonade Starbucks mocha frappuchino Chocolate cupcake Purple Cow, Chik fil a, Papa johns, us pizza Target, WHBM, Hobby lobby, amazon Gardening, birds, reading Ethereal spa snap-bots, snap-together letter blocks
Kelly Jordan KC May 14 green, orange...anything! Cherry Limeade water, coffee, Coke salty, crunchy snacks, toffee, dark chocolate Chick Fil A, La Hacienda, Big Orange, Fantastic China Target, Amazon Music, reading, relaxing, chalk painting Pedicure, going out to dinner Plus Plus builders, smelly markers, shoebox size clear containers
Patricia Sorsby Library April 22 green Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper/Sweet Tea chocolate Shortys Small Target Reading pedicure books
Carly Golladay Music  December-18 Blue Diet Dr Pepper  Diet Dr Pepper, la Croix Dove chocolates  US pizza, purple cow Target   Facials  Ukuleles 
Amber Bagby Office May-18 green unsweet tea coke zero dark chocolate Casa Manana Gap Running/nails nails  
Debbie Korte Office August-18 hunter green, pink sweet tea vanilla latte cashews, rx bars, anything with caramel Senor Tequila's, Canon Grill Target, Sam's, Academy-work out items Grandkids!!!! Walking, Reading, Yardwork Pedicure, Facial or lots of coffee  
Mary Jo Suski Office April 10 Purple diet cherry limeade ice flavored waters - any flavor any kind of nuts Butcher Shoppe Marshall's Reading pedicures N/A
Melissa Koehler Office September 19 Green Cranberry Sprite Zero Decaf Americano from Starbucks Popcorn Tzaikis Ulta/Old Navy/Gap Reading/travel Pedicure Tangles, brain break games
Nancy Handloser Office June 14th Lime green, purple Diet Green Tea Vanilla Late or Coffee Frappuccino Sugar cookie w/hard icing On The Border Target/Loft   Pedicure  
Terri Kelly Office October-18 purple, blue, them all   Ice Tea (unsweet) with lemon Salty stuff, not sweet  Anything Mexican Amazon Gardening - travel Mani/pedi, massage   
Elaine Miller PE April-18 Coral Diet Cranberry Limeade Flavored Water or Coffee Trail Mix with a little bit of chocolate Panera Mardel Amateur Photography pedicure sports equipment
Casie Selig PreK A July 22 Turquoise, Mint, Coral, Black White Vanilla Coke Zero, Diet Cherry Limeade Iced Coffee w Cream, Coconut Milk Latte Dark Chocolate and gummy anything Boulevard, Zaza, Cheers, Tropical Smoothie Gap, Jcrew, Target Tennis, Exercising, Embroidery Mani/Pedi, Facial Services @ Wink Hobby Lobby, Target, Knowledge Tree Gift Cards
Melissa Mansfield PreK Aide July-18 orange cherry limeade vanilla latte, nutrition place, tropical smoothie dark chocolate almonds heights taco, local lime target, gap, loft exercising, shopping mani/pedi  
Mattie Baker PreK B August 8 Purple Strawberry Slush Passion Tango Tea - Sweetened/Iced (Starbucks) Popcorn - white cheddar or caramel Tazikis Target, Hobby Lobby Baking, Reading, Running, Crochet Mani/Pedi Target Gift Cards, Sports Balls for Playground
Melissa Roberson Religion March-18 Blue/  green none smoothie muffins Jasons Target Gardening,  reading walking  
Victoria Reynolds Spanish September-18 orange Milk shake Orange juice Surprise me!! Surprise me!! Amazon Cooking. Craft Surprise me!! Spanish books