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Grade Level Last Name First Name Parent Name 
1A Cozens Presley Ann Tasha Cozens
1B Powell Lilly Dawn Powell
1C Butler Bria Wendy Butler
2A Hemmer Samantha Camille Hemmer
2B Madrenas Lucas Sunny Madrenas
2C Price Laurel Alice Price
3A Boccarossa Wyatt Patti Boccarossa
3B Shipley Rhys Jamie West Shipley
4A Miller Brynley Christina Miller
4B Saer Henry Ashley Saer
5A Cliff Ella Ashley Cliff
5B Brooks Harrison Amanda Brooks
6A Taggart Adel Lindsey Taggart
6B White Peyton Brooke White 
7A Lewis Walker Shannon Lewis
7B Krause Michael Michelle Krause
8A Mammarelli Anna Cris Mammarelli
8B Pace Harrison Kelly Pace
KA Shelton Jacob Meredith Shelton
KB Paul Madeline Valerie Paul
KC Wallace Mary Karen Wallace
PKA Madrenas Thomas Sunny C. Madrenas
PKB McConnell Lucas Lorena Rivas-McConnell

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